Bradley J Whitacre

Submitted by: Teresa Whitacre

Relationship to Veteran: Child

Pace Division: Airo

Bradley was interested in military history and soldiers since he was 4. I can remember having many Army trucks and tiny \"Army men\" all around the house. As a sophomore in high school, Brad decided that he wanted to join the Army. He signed on delayed enlistment and was sworn in August, 2010. After basic training in Missouri, he spent 4 years stationed near Savannah GA - where he met his now wife Genevieve.

Brad was deployed to Afghanistan in December 2012, serving a 9 month tour, quickly earning enough points for a promotion.

Now in April 2016, Brad is CW1 (Warrant officer), and an Army helicopter pilot in Fort Rucker Alabama. While we know a new duty station will soon be on its way, he is enjoying his 2 years in Ft. Rucker. (not to mention following in his fathers footsteps as an aviator)

After serving his country for 6 years, he signed on again as he is \”proud to serve the land that I love\”.

I could not be a prouder support of veterans and those who willingly serve our country.

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