Pace Culture

We are North America's largest die casting company. How we got here is part of our story and contributes to our culture. We started off in a small town, with big ideas and very smart, dedicated people back in the 1960's. For almost 50 years, we have grown by finding other companies in small towns that have smart, dedicated people needed for progress. Once we find those dedicated individuals, we make the effort to keep working with them to solve problems for our customers.

We still operate with that mindset today, except we now work out of 21 small towns instead of just one. We are focused on being a leader in Advanced Manufacturing but we cannot achieve our goals without smart and dedicated associates. Join us. Here is what you can expect working at Pace:

The cornerstones of Pace culture are our Core Values of Accountability, Compassion, Excellence, Fairness, and Integrity. It's important to understand why our Executive Team chose these words out of all the "buzz worthy" choices they had available.

Accountability is how we engage each other and build trust with all those we encounter while doing our jobs. Pace is accountable not only to one another, but to management, customers, neighbors, laws, and the environment. It's not a top down value, if anything it is a 360-degree approach to being accountable.

Compassion allows for understanding, valuing and representing new and better ideas, communications, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that loyalty and engagement are based on Compassion for all.

Excellence and Integrity are intertwined to provide a blueprint for how we do our jobs. How do we gauge whether or not we've done a good job? We take pride in our work, executing it to the highest level, which is critical to our success. We must temper that pride and drive with Integrity. We hold ourselves to a high moral code by doing things correctly every time, and operate honestly with others. We must keep our word with our associates, customers, management and ownership. Honesty in our dealings, quality in our work and keeping our word contribute to our success daily.

Fairness at Pace is when we find a just solution for all involved, whether it is for the customers, associates, or vendors. Getting a great deal at the expense of others is not how we conduct business. The best results are always a result of asking ourselves, "Is this fair?". It's a simple question, but it requires empathy and thought to arrive at a Fair solution for all involved. We enjoy the benefits of mutual trust and respect from our associates, vendors, and customers.

Pace is always looking to the future in an effort to deploy technology as a competitive advantage. Therefore, working at Pace requires embracing change. Pace Industries is a place for life learners; if you are stuck in your ways and find yourself saying things like, "This is how I've always done it," or hate change, then Pace is not for you. If you are looking for a new challenge, then start here. At Pace we are building careers, not jobs.

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